Finished painting Yay!



Finally home from work!

Here are the pictures of the test figure, the painting was finished late last night: -

I am pleased in general with the sculpting, conversion, casting and painting of the model, it feels most strange to look at a figure and know it looks nothing like the original cadian frame it is based upon and that I can reproduce that figure as and when I require it.

In this second image it is possible to see the Greif lens used in the barrel of the Las Carbine, giving it that distinctive glow!

From this view I am pleased with the bedding and canteen bottle, although I think I will sculpt my own canteen bottle in the end.

The right arm seems somehow bare, I am thinking of adding a triangular insignia on this arm, which I have seen in a couple of the Steel Legion illustrations. I will wait till I get my Photo-etch kit and see what I can do with that. The other way to tell squads apart might be to paint a colour stripe along the epaulette/shoulderboard, and use that to tell my future squads apart.

I am pleased to see the Las-Carbine barrel looks far more normal here, for some reason the first picture shows it almost gleaming! When in reality it has a number of washes of badab black on it, and looks more normal in this picture.

Lastly the comparison picture, showing the same basic Cadian frame that my Steel Legionnaire is derived from on one side, and on the other side the Steel Legionaire most similar in pose to mine. Looking somehow stunted. Looking at this picture has the biggest effect on me, and showed me clearly how much work I had put into the project so far.

There still remains the “weathering” to be done to the figure, to make it fit with the environment more. Basically some mig pigments worked into the books and lower coat most probably. But apart from that there is little I would change. Some people commented the base was quite plain, however I feel it sets off the figure nicely and I suspect as I sculpt some ash waste detritus in the future, I might go back and a couple of simple items.

Now to make some more …