Second Wave



Battle Brother Cantis chanted a warrior’s catechism as he leapt from the roof of the shattered warehouse. With a torrent of sound his jump pack ignited, thrusters straining to lift more than a ton of Astartes and armour. Propelled by the raw power of his jump pack the Marine became a blur of red across the sky before he landed amongst the Orks still chanting the catechism, chainsword swinging and the ancient plasma pistol entrusted to him belching sunfire at greenskins.

The orks, feral and ill-equipped even for their kind, answered his battle chants with their own guttural roars. Blows clattered on his armour, the crude blades of the howling mob turned aside at each stroke by blessed plate whilst Cantis’ every stroke shattered limbs, cracked skulls or took the life from an enemy. Almost as one the ferals broke and fled in the face of the Marine’s fury, Cantis lunged after them, his jump pack skittering him forward close to the ground, a torrent of debris thrown up in his wake. Two thruster augmented dashes were enough for him to catch up with the xenos and a handful of strokes and plasma blasts enough to finish the beasts off.

Cantis paused, shaking the blood from his chainsword blade, revving it in short bursts to free chunks of gristle from the saw teeth. The delicate systems of the plasma pistol cooled with metallic pops and hisses as he surveyed the shattered hive structures around him. He triggered his vox.

‘The Emperor’s Light will be a long time returning to this place Brothers.’

Muttered agreement came across the squad channel. The voice of Brother-Sergeant Arcolin cut across those of his squad.

‘Who better to bring the Emperor’s Light than we who have seen the darkness and returned from it to serve him once more?’

Cantis smiled grimly beneath his helm, Arcolin was right, there was no one better suited to such a task than the Battle Brothers of the Exorcists Chapter…


So, the second wave of reinforcements have arrived. This wave will consist of a small force of Exorcist Marines, the first unit will be the 5 man Vanguard squad, simply because I like the models. The base for each has been simply altered to look more Imperial/Urban ruins, though with the mini below that was easier said than done, there were a lot of Eldar curves and smoothness to get rid of here. Each model will also be accompanied by a servo-skull. I figure the Exorcists, with their murky practices, would be subject to extra scrutiny and who (or what) better to provide that scrutiny than the unblinking eyes of the sacred dead?

Battle Brother Cantis of the Exorcists Chapter:

And the rear view:

I’m always a little worried about painting black so I’m not looking forward to the jump pack, but the best way to learn is to give it a go, right?

On the other hand I’m quite happy with the red, rather than my usual multi-multi-multi highlight layer approach I’ve tried to make this guy easier and quicker to paint by using lots of washes and glazes. So far it’s working out, I won’t win a Golden Daemon but I think the squad will look quite sharp when (if) I finish it.