Eve of Invasion - The 609th FW


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A Brief History of the 609th Fighter Wing

Eve of Invasion


One of the things we’re trying to do here on the BfA blog is combine modelling, painting, gaming and history. To that end I’ve begun to catalogue the history of the 609th Fighter Wing and hope to eventually produce a potted history in PDF form of the unit, it’s aircraft, notable figures, prominent battles and so forth. If you’ve ever seen the Osprey series of military history books you’ll have an idea of what I’m trying to do, just think Aviation Elite lite and that’s the aim. So, to begin with I’m creating a framework to hang this history on and I thought I’d do it graphically just to make it a little different and hopefully a little more interesting.

Brother Argos worked wonders in moments to come up with the silhouettes, I think they look pretty snazzy and the aquila background is the work of Madscuzzy from the Bolter & Chainsword forum, thanks guys!.

Below is the FOC for the 609th at the beginning of the Third Armageddon War along with some notes you might find interesting on famous (and infamous) members of the Wing.

(Please click for a larger, more legible version of the FOC)

For those wondering what the Thunderbolt (R) is, it’s an unofficial variant I was thinking of making, it’s simply a Thunderbolt with the weapons removed and a series of recon pods in their place, these pods would also be replaceable with ECM and ECCM pods to allow the (R) to accompany its brethren on strike missions and provide electronic jamming support.

7 Responses to “Eve of Invasion - The 609th FW”

  1. Lucius von Kalteisen says:

    Hi, looks very promising and thus, interesting.

    I think more background one has for one’s armies, no matter for what system, the better. I have recently gotten AI books and two Thunderbolts and Aquilas and I was planning on making a small Fighter squadron or even wing eventually. So I will keenly following your progress with the 609th. And thought about recce Thunderbolt… maybe not strip all of its weapons, even recce planes do neet something to defend themselves with?



  2. Dragunov says:

    Great site guys! Is there any way that the 609th fighter wing sheet is available as a download?

    Would love to read the detail you have in there!


  3. Certainly Dragunov, you realise you can click on the image to make it larger ?

    We plan to produce some of our work as Downloadable PDF’s when we have a certain density of articles :)

  4. SCC says:

    @Dragunov: I’ve replaced the original, smaller, image with a larger one. Clicking the image as Argos suggested will now bring up a much more legible version.

    @Lucius: I was thinking of the Spitfire PR (Photo Reconnaisance) marks when I decided to add the (R) to the 609th roster. They had all their armament removed to ensure maximum speed and altitude capabilities. I then mixed in a little RA-5C Vigilante from the 1970’s. That was a supersonic nuclear bomber converted to photo and electronic recon and was also one of the first aircraft to carry an extensive ECM suite rather than just a handful of jammers or pods and to do so it too swapped guns for gadgets.

    Plus I watched ‘Malta Story’ again the other day. That’s a great Alec Guiness movie partly, largely even, based on the life of a British pilot called Adrian Warburton. He was not only an excellent and courageous pilot but he was one of Malta’s greatest morale boosters during the island’s aerial siege.

    Warby, as he was known, has fascinated me for many years and I plan on using him as inspiration for a 609th character at some stage. If anyone is interested ‘Warburton’s War’ by Tony Spooner is a great introduction to an amazing man.

    The full reasoning behind the (R) will become clearer in the next few weeks as I examine the 609th’s intended role on Armageddon and how things turned out.

  5. Dragunov says:

    Fantastic! Thanks guys, was a shame not to see your ahrd work. This has made it great!


  6. SSG Snuffy says:

    I think (for what that’s worth) that Lightnings are more suitable to the photoreconnaissance role. They’re faster and more lightly-armed to begin with.

    Pehaps a flight of Lightnings could be attached to the 609th to perform that duty, freeing up the 187th and 266th pilots for combat missions. Just a suggestion!

  7. SCC says:

    You’re probably right that Lightnings are more suitable for photo-recon but I wanted to keep the Squadrons as single-type units to begin with. I also think that a larger airframe has more potential for use as an electronic warfare aircraft, the EA-18G Growler for example is much more capable for being built on the Super Hornet rather than classic F/A-18 Hornet so taking that ECM/ECCM aspect into account I think I’ll stick with the Thunderbolt (R).

    That said I do like the idea of attaching a flight of Lightnings and that may suit a later section of the 609th’s history I’ve already got in mind…