Invasion - The First Five Days


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History reveals that the ground invasion of Armageddon was preceded by three distinct phases. Phase one saw the arrival of the Orks and the overwhelming of Admiral Parol’s Imperial Navy fleet above Armageddon. Massively outnumbered Parol was forced to withdraw after suffering heavy casualties and has taken up a defensive posture, launching hit and run strikes against the Orks whilst trying to conserve as much of his fleet as possible.

Phase two saw the Ork fleet batter the orbital defences of Armageddon, a line of space stations and orbital platforms encircling the planet. Six weeks after arrival the Orks launched their attack and destroyed most of the defences. The first Orks began to arrive on the planet itself at this stage though only in relatively small numbers. It was also at this time that Ghazghkull destroyed Hive Hades, scene of Armageddon’s finest hour in the Second Armageddon War.

The third phase saw Commissar Yarrick, who by this stage was in control of all Imperial defences, order the Navy’s remaining aircraft into the sky to destroy as much of the Ork horde as possible as they transited to the surface. The fighting peaked after five days of vicious dogfights and hideous losses amongst Imperial ground attack aircraft. The fall of Acheron Hive to the traitor von-Strab and the seizure by Ork forces of a number of spaceports and airbases allowed them to establish aerial dominance over Armageddon over the next few days.

For the Imperial aircrews this was a terrible time, outnumbered in the sky and hammered from the ground they took crushing casualties as they attempted to follow Yarrick’s orders to destroy as many Orks as possible before they could consolidate their toehold. Like their brethren the men and women of the 609th were thrown into this desperate defence, the story of those five days of defiance, destruction and death are recorded herein.

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My next few posts will detail those five days and the 609th’s role in them over the coming week or so (real life permitting).