A Minor Dilemma


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So I was working on some 609th Fighter Wing history over the weekend, writing in a sort of modern day military history manner, trying to present a balanced, fact-led view and so forth and it occurred to me: the Imperium just doesn’t produce this kind of thing. Even the more factual Black Library books, like ‘The Battle for Armageddon’ guide book aren’t super balanced and tend to contain a fair slice of Imperial propaganda and assumptions of superiority etc.

The dilemma then, is whether I should continue in the ‘Osprey-lite’ vein I’d originally envisaged or whether I need to cater for that Imperial bias a little more in these history posts. Perhaps the solution is to put together all the Osprey lite material and then leaven it with Imperial propaganda posters, catechisms and the like as the BL sometimes do…

7 Responses to “A Minor Dilemma”

  1. Dragunov says:

    I would say you have the perfect balance you suggested right there. Have the factual balanced view and then the more flavoured version of events as side panels etc.

    As always, great work guys!

  2. Marshal2Crusaders says:

    Why not do what Imperial Armor does in its ’showcase’ sections? Use real world explanations for the sci-fi stuff. The description of the Red Scorpions veteran and the Krieg Guardsmen are absolutely spectacular.

  3. I also support to build it Osprey-lite, and then do appropriate inserts in Imperial propaganda style.
    So while you objectively describe how the battle raged, you kind of insert the propaganda pieces - like the 3rd Reich “Wochenschau” - with all the Über-Imperial-Macho stuff in it. This should be a nice contrast, and occasionally even give food for a chuckle or a laughter.
    Keep it up

  4. Nash says:

    Clearly, it’s better to give the “objective” version of the events, if there’s something the last Codex Space Marines taught us is that a lot of people don’t react well to propaganda style bits of fluff… But having the same event presented from an objective point of view and then from a “remembrancer’s” could indeed be lots of fun.

  5. Confused says:

    If it were me I’d try and write it like the history parts of Imperial Armour 3 on. Then chuck in the imperial stuff around that as parts of logs, propoganda, etc but keep it clear that that is separate from the Fluff itself.

    Also keep up the good work

  6. SCC says:

    Osprey-lite plus sidebars for colour/fluff text it is then.

    Thanks for the reality-check there guys, it’s always good to get a second (and subsequent) opinion(s) in the formative stages of a project :)

  7. tallmantim says:

    The current style is excellent.

    You will of course be shot as a heretic however once you get back to Holy Terra.