Death Notice


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This death notice was sent to the parents of Wing-Pilot T.M. Ponder of the 187th Fighter Squadron following the destruction of his aircraft. Ponder was killed on just his third operational flight by Ork Deff Skwadron Kaptin Brog Noteef, an ace who would go amass a score of at least 18 kills against the Imperial flyers on Armageddon before being knocked down by Hydra flak batteries of the Armageddon 17th Steel Legion.


As we’ve said before here on BfA one of our aims is to expand upon the history of the battles on Armageddon and, ultimately perhaps, to create a cohesive account of at least parts of the battles. For me that means not just words, but images, artefacts and all the other elements of ‘proper’ history writing. The image above is part of that process, being ‘evidence’ of the effects of war even in as monolithic a society as the Imperium.

As an added bonus I’m slowly learning a few tricks in Photoshop, it took me 90 minutes to make that image and I doubt I could recreate it but a few things seem to have stuck which is a start…

6 Responses to “Death Notice”

  1. Ooh 17th Steel Legion, my boys are mentioned :)

    That places the engagement in the first couple of months of the war, near Hive Helsreach, most probably directly above the Batraxian Barrier.

  2. Theredcorsair (from BnC says:

    That’s a very cool lttle pic you have there. It looks on an aspect not normally viewed, the common public.

  3. Marshal2Crusaders says:

    SCC, are you using Photoshop or one of the other free programs? I have been looking for a photoshop substitute to do something similar.

  4. SCC says:

    @M2C: I’m using Photoshop CS2 I’m afraid, although the version of PS Elements that came with my wife’s digital SLR camera has most of the tools I’ve used for creating the 609th graphics.

  5. Darth Potato says:

    These little graphics and tidbits, are very cool, reminiscent of the Battle for Armageddon book. Though this is better, because half of it isn’t filled with Imperial propaganda posters. :)

  6. SCC says:

    Hey, I quite like those posters!

    OK, some of them are over the top but the best of them are wonderful parodies of First & Second World War propaganda. GW/BL have tended to lay them on a bit thick though, it often seems to me that they get used as graphical filler when they can’t get enough art on a topic.

    I have to admit that I’ve been eyeing off a few potential propaganda poster designs of my own for that very reason, plus they amuse me in a Starship Troopers movie kind of way…