The Trouble with ForgeWorld


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I love ForgeWorld, I have for a long time and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve got buckets of FW stuff in the drawer next to my knee as I type this very entry. I’ve got Red Scorpions, Elysians, the magnificent Rhino Damocles Command Vehicle that I can’t bring myself to assemble for fear of ruining it with an inadequate paintjob and lots lots more. I also think that the Imperial Armour books are better than most of the stuff GW has put out recently and that they rival the BL campaign books in many ways in terms of the pure fluff enjoyment I derive from them.

But…but, they frequently fail to live up to my expectations given what I pay for their product. The art in their books is too reliant on Photoshopping the same models again and again (and I acknowledge I’ve done that for this blog already, difference is I’m not selling this to anyone nor do I have an art department behind me to diversify my image catalogue). And the models, well, get a nice early production piece and they’re tremendous, the detail is spot on, there’s hardly any warping and in general they’re everything you could hope for. Get a bad batch or a late production cast and all bets are off though.

Like my Marauder Destroyer, which was bought years ago when it first came out, in fact, I think I ordered it within a fortnight or so of release, so there’s not even the excuse of it being from the end run of a mold.

1. Complete Marauder Destroyer Model:

2. One of several razor thin areas that will need repair/strengthening prior to assembly and painting. Advice gratefully received on this work - greenstuff, plasticard, thick CA glue spread across the exisiting areas, some sort of wall putty?

3. Tailplane section: note warped rudder (which is also cracked, the section where it joins the fuselage is only joined on the rear 1/3rd or so) and warped stabiliser (right hand side of photo).

4. Hellstrike missiles. I think. There are a total of 12 of these with my kit, some have what might be pylons, others don’t and they’re all poor casts, perhaps 3 or 4 might be salvageable for actual use, the rest might end up as scenery, they’d make neat expended or dud missiles embedded in mud or something at least.

All in all I’m disappointed with this model. There’s plenty of detail, it’s a great looking aircraft and the rules for it are pretty swish too, but there are too many issues on this particular model for me to consider this reasonable value for money given it’s cost me roughly $30AU to buy it and get it shipped over (with a couple of other models). And that’s the problem with FW, if you’re going to charge an arm and a leg for a product then you need to make sure you get it right, each and every time and they don’t. As a customer I feel shortchanged by this aircraft and I’ll be damned sure that on my next FW order I will mock assemble everything as soon as it arrives and if everything isn’t in reasonable order they’ll definitely be hearing from me.

I’d also urge anyone else out there seduced by FW’s detail or the variety they offer compared to regular GW plastics that you too check everything carefully as soon as it arrives. When FW gets things right it’s one of the best things in the hobby for me, they just don’t get it right often enough…

10 Responses to “The Trouble with ForgeWorld”

  1. Tim Davis says:

    Aw that sucks, how long ago did you purchase it? I bet you could still ring them and ask them to replace the parts. The hellstrike missiles are exceptionally bad!
    I’ve never had a problem with FW luckily, actually my last shipment they sent out an extra Dreadnought arm I hadn’t even ordered :D

  2. SCC says:

    It’s gotta be 2 years or so since I bought the model Tim so it doesn’t seem right to moan at FW. I should have checked it when it arrived and complained then, for now I’ll keep trying to figure out how to shore up that wing…

  3. Dragunov says:

    Hmmm…that wing does present a problem. Is there any way that you can syringe some resin mix in there?

  4. SCC says:

    Perhaps. If I had some resin mix…which I don’t sadly.

    Looking at it more closely the hole is mostly over the engines so there’s a fair bit of support for it. A softer putty, I’ve got some Tamiya gap-filler somewhere in a drawer, might do trick. If I fill it from underneath, keep it wet while I smooth it out as much as possible, I can then grab the old facemask and carefully sand the whole area smooth and re-etch the detail line before it fully hardens.

    Hopefully the putty is still good…

    I’m also still trying to unwarp the wings and tail. I thought they were OK but either my eyes are wonky or they returned to their original position after the warm water treatment. Maybe I need hot water rather than warm…

  5. Tim Davis says:

    Buy another, then do the old “switch-a-roo” and say the one you received was miscast ;)

  6. Nash says:

    Unless the one he gets is even more poorly cast!

  7. Marc says:

    Just to be sure this is a 40k scale Maruder isn’t it?

    I can say that i would be definetly less than impressed if I spent that much on a kit and it was that warped.

  8. Marshal2crusaders says:

    For the horribly warped part Digits suggested on the Ammobunker to dip them in boiling water for 10 seconds, bend it in hot water, and immediatly dip in cold water to set it.

  9. SCC says:

    @Marc: No, it’s an Aeronautica Imperialis Marauder. Still cost me $30AU with postage, maybe a little more.

    @M2C: I’ll give that a go after this weekend’s interstate trip, I’ll let you know how it works around the middle of next week…

  10. Zzzzzz says:

    To give FW their due; Whilst their TQM is a little suspect, for the trouble of a phone call they have replaced everything that I have had cause to complain about. Give them a call. Oh and the hot water trick works as long as you leave it in the hot water for long enough for the mass of resin you are soaking to actually warm up enough.