Imperial Navy Facts & Figures (2)



Apologies for the lack of updates folks, real life interferes with the good stuff all too often for my liking. Still, my time has not been wasted, here’s the next batch of facts and figures for the Imperial Navy, mostly drawn from ‘Execution Hour’ by Gordon Rennie and mostly concerning spaceborne Navy aircraft.

  • Starhawk Bomber Squadrons Firedrake, Harbinger, Mantis & Nemesis (Lord Solar Macharius) + unknown number of other Starhawk squadrons
  • Full strength bomber squadron is 10 Starhawks
  • Flight & Gunnery crews v. competitive for kills/honour
  • Fury Interceptor Squadrons Storm & Hornet (Lord Solar Macharius) + unknown number of additonal Fury squadrons.
  • Full strength Fury squadron is 15 Furies in 3 flights of 5 including a Command Flight
  • Fury squadrons often fight as flights but sometimes break down in wingman formations for close engagements.
  • Range of space fighters/bombers limited by fuel and oxygen in particular


  • Nemesis Squadron commanded by Squadron Commander Milos Caparan
  • Top Gunner aboard Sqn Cdr Caparan’s Starhawk is Gunner First Class Daksha (16 enemy fighter kills to his credit)
  • Bombardier¬†aboard Sqn Cdr Caparan’s Starhawk isBombardier Georgi Kustrin (is Bombardier a rank or title?)
  • Co-pilot Madik Torr
  • Storm Squadron (Fury) commander is Amic Kaether (rank?), his Navigator/Gunner is ¬†Tech-Adept Manetho

Starhawk Details

  • Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Tech Adept (w/ 4 onboard servitor drones), Navigator, Bombardier, Gunners (Top Gunner, Tail Gunner + unknown)
  • Armament: 10 plasma warhead missiles
  • Starhawk weight is approx. 200 tonnes
  • Engines: 4 wing mounted engines
  • Limited defence shield (energy/void?) capacity in addition to armour

Fury Details

  • Armament: Nose mounted lascannon (#?), wing mounted missiles (krak)
  • Crew: Pilot, Tech-Adept Navigator/Rear Gunner
  • Maneveur via thrusters as well as engines
  • Not atmosphere capable at all (?)
  • Limited defence shield (energy/void?) capacity in addition to armour

So, some interesting information but nothing mind-blowing. Given the info we have so far I’m inclined to firmly split space and airborne aircraft into two very distinct groups, into essentially two branches of the same service.

2 Responses to “Imperial Navy Facts & Figures (2)”

  1. Marc says:

    Hi SSC

    Good to see you back and dont worry, everyone knows that real life always seems to get in the way of hobbies.

    Thanks for the summation of information for Lord Solar Macharius. Might be worth pointing out fluff wises the Macharius was not at the battle for armageddon but there were several dictator class cruisers in the fleet.

    I believe the fury fighters can be modified for surface missions as they are mentioned later in the book with the cathedral (trying not to give too much away to people who want to read the book).
    Sorry if slightly off topic.


  2. SCC says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t 100% sure if they were atmosphere capable or not, there are hints both ways but no concrete information that I could find on my skim through. I’ll have to take another look at the book to see if I can find the section you’re talking about…