Imperial Navy Facts & Figures (3)



Found it at last!

Shadow Point that is, it was buried in a box but I found it eventually. Here are the snippets of IN attack craft info gleaned from it:

General Info

  • Marauders & Thunderbolts launched from converted Escort Carrier spaceships to fight Orks in vacuum in Mather System, Gothic Sector
  • IN successfully tests Rok destroying torpedoes during battles in Mather system (year unknown)
  • Shadow Point p.90 ‘…Squadrons of Marauder bombers targeted one of the roks, seeking vengeance for the damage done to their escor carrier motherships. The Marauders - smaller, less well-armed and less well-suited for deep space combat - still excelled under the conditions of this battle, their atmosphere-capable configurations allowing them to manoeuvre at ease amongst the asteroid field…’
  • Notes Marauders using plasma bombs and armour piercing missiles


  • Aube Terraco (rank?) is Arrow Sqn commander. 80+ kills
  • Amic Kaether 100+kills
  • Reth ‘Zealot’ Zane is highest scoring ‘Mach’ pilot with 200+ kills, Storm Sqn. Flies with Servitor Navigator rather than Tech-Adept Navigator.

Fury Details

  • Lord Solar Macharius (nickname ‘Mach’) ┬áis carrying 4 Fury squadrons - Hornet, Storm, Hurricane & Arrow
  • Fury fighters adapted for ’specialist recon duties’ used to help target Nova cannon barrages
  • Quad las-cannons in nose mount
  • Afterburner equipped
  • Autocannon part of armament, poss. rear turret (?)

Not much, though the info on Thunderbolts & Marauders in space muddies the waters a little. Still, if Starhawks are 200 tonnes and Thunderhawks (not ‘bolts, ‘hawks!) are 120t must be damnably large craft. Same for Furies, they appear to be bigger than the 40+ ton Marauder so I’m still inclined to have the two separate branches - Aerospace and Aviation - and whilst they might occasionally operate on each others’ turf they specialise in their own. All of which means I need to create a framework for aircraft rather than aerospace craft for the 609th. With that in mind I’ll probably lean more towards Air Force conventions than Navy conventions, though I’d like to sketch out some Aerospace stuff one day too.

As an aside am I the only one who hates it when an author goes down the Imperium/Eldar must band together reluctantly to save the universe route? There’ve been 3 or 4 BL books take that path, there was the Deathwatch one, the Rogue Trader one and this one, plus some short stories if not another book. *Yawn*

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  1. SSG Snuffy says:

    I guess the authors figure that the eldar are the only non-Imperial “good guy” race. They may not always be on our side, but they’re rarely on anyone else’s…