609th Fighter Wing Uniforms & Insignia


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Unofficial squadron patch of the 266th Squadron, 609th Fighter Wing, Imperial Navy.

Worn only on undress and flight uniforms this patch depicts the fearsome Teyrn Dragon, a native of the planet Caledonia which is home to one of the largest Schola Avia in the Imperium. The laurel wreath was added to the insignia in the closing stages of the 3rd Armageddon War to signify the award of the Imperial Navy Unit Commendation for its efforts in the defense of Armageddon.

The patch is typically produced in subdued colours so as not to attract attention in combat and forward zones.


Formal dress tunic belonging to Wing Commander Iven Macroy of the 609th Fighter Wing, Imperial Navy.

This is the standard formal tunic of officers of the Imperial Navy’s Aviation Branch. Unlike their counterparts of the Orbital Branch their uniform is the dark blue rather than the pure black of space. Their atmospheric duties are further emphasised by the light blue braiding and piping signifying the blue skies of ancient Terra where Imperial pilots first took to the skies in the Emperor’s service.

1. Aerial Victor insignia

This golden lightning bolt, a traditional symbol of the Emperor and service to him, is the mark of the Ace, a pilot with 5 or more confirmed aerial kills. Once awarded this decoration a pilot is also entitled to have it painted on his aircraft, typically beneath the sill of his canopy.

Note that this award is reserved for pilots only, aircraft gunners are not eligible for this award nor an equivalent.

2. Rank insignia

The three pale blue stripes and white silk slash indicate the rank of Wing Commander.

3. Pilot’s Wings & Ribbon Bar

The coveted wings of the pilot are traditionally cast from adamantium and are the mark of one of the Imperium’s elite warriors, less than 3% of pilot candidates are awarded their wings. Wing Commander Macroy’s ribbon bar shows his many decorations including the Armageddon Honorifica (1st Class) and the Navy’s Cochrane Starburst, its equivalent of the Macharian Cross.

4. Aviation Branch insignia

The laurel wreath and shield motif of the Aviation Branch is visible on  the stiff collar of the tunic. The shield is inscribed with the likeness and name of the world where the pilot underwent his Scholam Avia training, the tunic buttons are inscribed with highly decorative Aquila.

Non-pilot aircrew wear silver buttons with simple Aquilas and are not entitled to the laurel wreaths nor to depict the world on which they trained on the collar tabs.

5. Lanyard & Aiguillette

The braided cord running from shoulder down to the opposite side of the chest is the traditional officer’s lanyard, the second braid indicates Macroy’s status as a Commanding Officer. Wing Commander Macroy also bears four aiguillettes, an unusually high number, each signifying service in a different Imperial Crusade (the Majeste, Seach, Cornwallis and Audax Crusades).

3 Responses to “609th Fighter Wing Uniforms & Insignia”

  1. Marc says:

    Again SCC awesome information and detail here. The level of depth is exceptional.

    Where did you get the picture of the dress uniform from or have you had it produced specifically for this? Really impressive none the less.

    Just a query regarding colour of uniform for the IN, I am sure somewhere that I have seen reference to Orbital Branch having blue in their uniform, but this might have also been a reference to Battle Fleet Gothic rather than other battle fleets. The change in uniform colour but keeping in the same style would be a good indication of battle fleet much like how the British Navy had the Blue, White and Red fleets in Nelson’s day.

    Once again very impress stuff. Are we likely to see models and painting for the 609th in the near future?



  2. SCC says:

    The picture was originally of a set of US Army 1937 Dress Blues. I stripped it of insignia and added the bits for 1, 3 & 4 and added 2 blue bands to each sleeve for the rank.
    All done in Photoshop, which I’m slowly getting the hang of, it took about 3 hours of mucking about to get the tunic to a point I was happy with.

    With regards to models, well, I’m waiting on some more Thunderbolts and contemplating what to do with my Marauder Destroyer. I’m tempted to turn it into a mini-diorama of a crashed aircraft at this point. My modelling time is quite limited right now though so most of the stuff I do in the next week or two will be ‘history’ related.

  3. SSG Snuffy says:

    A very impressive bit of Photoshop work… I also thought that you’d made a 1:1 scale mock-up and simply photographed it. I really like the background that you’re establishing… sorry to hear that the Mazrauder’s giving you fits.