Marauder ‘JO-D’


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So I’ve been thinking about my somewhat bodgy Marauder Destroyer mini. Some folks reckoned I should call FW and ask for replacement parts and I though about it, a lot, and eventually decided I couldn’t complain about a model I’d bought in January 2007 (I checked the receipt and damned if it isn’t 2.5 years!), I just don’t have that much chutzpah. I tried a few things to fix the thin patches and the wobbly bits and so forth but wasn’t really happy with the results. So I stripped everything back to bare resin and had a think about it.

And inspiration struck a few hours ago, I was thinking about Marauder ‘JO-D’ which I’ve mentioned in some of the 609th’s growing history and a light bulb appeared above my head. Why not make this not-so swish Destroyer JO-D? Nothing I’ve written precludes it that I can recall and I can always ret-con anything that does, right?

So below are some pics of an even more battered Marauder mini than FW sent me. In game it can either serve as a characterful mini or as an objective so that’s a bonus too.

The flak hole was created by the simple expedient of pressing gently on the razor thin resin area with a scultping tool. It’s quite  a nice irregular shape actually, it looks quite good. The damaged area near the port intakes/vents was just as thin but broke more regularly. You can also see a lot of the gaps that need filling from this angle.

Here I took the more regular broken resin near the intakes and used a good old fashioned pin vice to drill some holes representing small calibre cannon-fire. As a result of this damage JO-D has lost hydraulic pressure on the starboard side causing the undercarriage skid on this side only to drop free.

Flak damage = paper thin resin once more sadly. Or maybe it should be vice-versa?

Sadly difficult to see even after I played with contrast/brightness is the poor join where I had to glue the rudder back together after I accidentally snapped it while putting the rest of the tail together. I blame poor FW quality control rather than clumsiness for the damage on this occasion. I think this crack will stand out nicely when she’s painted and if not I’ll ink/paint/weathering powder the area so it does.

This last damage will be the crux of the matter in the loss of JO-D, for Marauders of all stripes are incredibly tough and this kind of damage wouldn’t down one. Those cracks in the rudder however would turn out to fatal and when the wreck was examined would turn out to be due to lack of maintenance. This lack would be traced to Wertheimer and his cronies and lead the their eventual arrests.


And for those of you with wives/girlfriends/significant others out there, do you get this kind of reaction from your family?

I was doing my research on the IN the other day when my lovely lady wife walked into the study to find me carefully marking up a 40K novel like it was one of my university texts. She smirked, sniggered, patted me on the head and walked out of the room shaking her head and fighting a grin. I’m pretty sure I heard howls of laughter from the other end of the house shortly after…

6 Responses to “Marauder ‘JO-D’”

  1. Dragunov says:

    Yep, always get that reaction from my wife. I was doing the same marking in my copy of the Eisenhorne books for the Gun Cutter research…they don’t get it…

  2. Marc says:

    Yeah I am reasonably lucky in that my significant other seems very understanding of it, even when I was doing much the same as you to the same book….

  3. Lord Xi says:

    Yep. My wife does that all the time after I tell her some intricate, awesome info about any of my projects.

  4. Well, as much as I like FW’s models - they just have the best poses, the sexiest looking equipment - I stopped buying from them. Their QM sucks big time - missing pieces, warped pieces, broken items ect.
    Eventhough they are usually easy in replacing and resending, it is still a hassle and turn off. And for that amount of money I as the cusomer expect more.
    It is sad, but until they improve, no buy from me.
    Now to your project:
    AWESOME what you did to positively incorporate the damage and worked with it - this will turn out nice. I really look forward to see updates.

    And for your wifes reaction: Been there done that :)
    Yep, that’s how my wife reacts too - really 1:1 - except maybe that I CAN her her laugh :)

  5. SCC says:

    Thanks guys, nice to know I’m not the only one who’s wife thinks the hobby is worthy of a snigger or two.

    @Klaus: Yeah, the more I work with the Marauder the less I want to buy their stuff, but there’s no real alternative for the AI army I’d so dearly love to field. I’m glad you like the ‘JO-D’ idea, it’s one of my better ones.

    As an aside I like those Freebooter-esque steampunk Orks on your blog. Those are wonderfully characterful models! (If you’re wondering what I’m babbling about click Klaus’ name, it’s a link to his blog, much like Dragunov name will lead youto an amazing scratch build 40K scale Thunderbolt amongst other things)

  6. becko says:

    quality managment and forgeworld are like water and fire. but i never had problems to get a new part, simply by calling them.