Hunters of Sirius


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I am, justifiably, well known on the B&C for a complete inability to complete a painting/modelling project. And so it proves once more, I can’t face the red/black of the Exorcists, I like the scheme, I’ve almost finished the first model but I’ve no real stomach for more.

I’ve also tried the Marines Malevolent but yellow/black is no better than red/black. So the search begins for a good looking, simple to paint scheme for Space Marines. At the same time I don’t want to do anything too common and I’d like to link it to Armageddon of course.

Which brings me to the Hunters of Sirius. I’ve decided to break from my own traditions of only painting official GW Chapters and to try and create a Chapter of my own from scratch. Here’s the first draft of the colour scheme, an assault Marine ‘cos that’s what I’ve got undercoated and ready to go.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and in mythology was the canine companion of the hunter Orion. On top of all that it’s a nice word to say out loud. Give it a go, it’s wonderfully sibilant and lends itself to drawn out, whispered utterings.

For the story behind the Chapter I’m thinking that the following will characterise the Chapter:

  • The Chapter are renowned Ork hunters, they specialise in eradicating Ork infestations from Imperial worlds
  • Given eradication takes years, decades or even centuries the Chapter essentially sets up home on the planet its cleansing (recruiting, armour/weapons/ammo production etc.) and moves on when a planet is cleansed
  • The Chapter always, no exceptions, deploys 100% of its strength to a planet for cleansing
  • The Chapter is fresh from the Scouring of Wyngarden, a 30 year long struggle to cleanse Orks from a swamp planet, it’s strength is approximately 700 and rising as it recovers from the carnage of the recent cleansing, always the hardest
  • The Astartes of the Hunters of Sirius swear to cleanse a planet or die, the Chapter command realises that in the case of Armageddon it is a case of ‘them or us’ such as they’ve never faced before especially as they have yet to receive recruiting permission from Armageddon Command

Look for the first WIP pics of the first Hunter soon…

6 Responses to “Hunters of Sirius”

  1. chenley says:

    Since you are thinking that the Hunters of Sirius commit complete chapter strength to cleanse a world, why not make them a fleet based chapter. To me it makes sense for them to be fleet based.

    But that is just my $0.02

  2. SCC says:

    @Chenley: Well, they are essentially fleet based, it’s just that they base themselves on the ground for actual cleansings rather than aboard ship. But in the sense that they have no real homeworld they are fleet-based to me. I suppose orbiting the planet and basing themselves on the fleet would allow them a lot of deep strike flexibility, but I like the idea that they plant their flag in Imperial soil and swear to defend it to the death. There’s no retreat, no surrender and no defeat for the Hunters. They exterminate or are exterminated and Armageddon is their biggest test ever…

  3. Marc says:

    The ideas and fluff behind these guys is awesome, I really like it. Kinda wish I had thought of it first…..

    Are the Hunters of Sirius mentioned in the existing fluff anywhere or have you created them yourself?


  4. SCC says:

    The Hunters are completely DIY Marc, so far as I’m aware there’s no GW mention of them anywhere. Which, as I said, is the idea, a completely clean slate for painting and creating..

  5. Marc says:

    Thats cool. Having a complete unique chapter is often the better way to go. I was more just wondering if they were mentioned in the Codex Armageddon regarding the third war as being there.

    All the best for them.


  6. Honda says:

    I just saw this post, so you may want consider that in my previous posting. That being said, I think you have a pretty decent scheme going, but rather than do a soft black, you might also consider a deep stone/slate color. It’s just off the beaten path enough to stand out.

    I like what you have going so far.