Red Pistol, Purple Sword?


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Some progress on Venator Faisal, my first Hunter of Sirius:

Basecoat all over, a quick Badab Black wash and some highlights everywhere except the left arm which is basecoated only.

The P3 paints are proving a little awkward to work with, or perhaps just different to my usual GW/Vallejo paints. They go on smoothly, consistently and with reasonable, if not great, coverage, all perfectly acceptable until at some magic instant the dreaded chalkiness appears mid stroke.

I’m thinning the paints with my usual retarder/flow aid/acrylic medium mix and it works fine fresh from the pallette but I have to work very quickly and wash the brush out much more often compared to other paint brands to avoid chalkiness. As you can probably see from the mini that’s making Faisal here look a little low rent and making highlighting my usual way (lots and lots of slightly lighter layers covering progressively smaller areas) a little tricky to pull off with consistency.

Still, I like the colour scheme, the grey-green and bone works nicely and the leather is OK, a little rich maybe, I’ll try to leach a little life from it with some washing and shading I think. Altogether I think it’s quite a suitable scheme for the Astartes.

But the real question is what colour the sword should be, I like the red pistol, I’m keeping that but I based the front of the sword purple on a whim and I’m not so sure it works. I had planned to try out the old ‘lightning’ effect on the purple to indicate the power-swordiness of it but the alternative might be a deeper, richer and glossier purple to try and achieve a crystalline effect.

3 Responses to “Red Pistol, Purple Sword?”

  1. SSG Snuffy says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never really cared for ‘colored’ blades and such. I know that it’s possible (IRL) to color metal in shades of blue, brown, black, etc., but I prefer my steel to be, well, ’steel-colored.’

    Outside of my personal color preference, I’m not sure I like including the purple with the model’s color scheme… it seems a bit jarring next to the other colors.

  2. Honda says:

    Based on the photo’s, I’m not really sure what the base color is.

    If it is the “greenish” color, then you can get away with the purple, though I would fade the color to a near white by the time you get to the tip of the sword.

    If however, the base color is “tan” of the lower right pic, then I’d go with a blue or green sword, effected the same as above.

    Personally, I hope it is the greenish color as that is very different looking and I like the tone.


  3. Gurtar Skargrimm says:

    Maybe you could paint the sword red to match the pistol, and then add purple/lightning bolt blue lightning effects to it? Its good to have only one primary colour for your weapons. I love the fluff you’ve written up,and great painting! Update soon please!