Back from the Ash Wastes …



I am not sure where to begin … so I suppose some form of overview is important.

What Happened?  

Two years ago this project consumed me and spat me out. It was the most ambitious project I had ever undertaken and in the end it burned me out. I stopped painting for a year afterward and didn’t return to 40k for another year on top of that. When I did it was to work on my Iron Hands.

So What is Different Now?

I had some bad news recently, I have been diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, I had three haemorrhages in my left eye in the space of two days, the effect on my vision is significant. I have impaired colour, depth perception and fine detail focus with my left eye.

Suddenly I run the real risk of losing some or all of my sight. Knowing I might lose the ability to paint and model .. is driving me to do it. Holding tightly onto what I have, frightened I might lose it.

I desperately wanted to find out what I had lost so far, I personally believe that my steel legion is the high watermark of my hobby activity, therefore the logical place to test against. So I started to paint another steel legion trooper, it was harder than I hoped, however as you can see from above it is of a similar quality to my previous work, although to be honest much slower to do than before as I had to correct many more mistakes.

Simple stuff suddenly got harder, without good depth perception I don’t know where brush is in relation to the surface I want to paint. Time after time I would approach the model with the brush only to bump against the surface because I didn’t not perceive the distance correctly. I could go on and on, but a simple way of you understanding is to paint with one eye covered next time you paint anything. Its a steep learning curve.

The final result as can be seen above, was I hope within 5% overall quality difference of the previous work (next to it). With an improvements on the goggles (as I have done some significant lens work in the time since I did the Steel Legion last time.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

I will NOT be working at the same pace as before, it is physically impossible for me now.

I will TRY to learn new things as it might be my last opportunity.

I will ATTEMPT to narrow my focus to Steel Legion only projects.

There WILL be times this blog goes quiet as I undergo treatment on my eyes, I will try to give notice of this.

This project WILL almost certainly not finish, but it will move forward. I have a number of new ideas and techniques to discuss.

Initial areas of interest we will be looking at are …

Airbrush work

Using Oils on vehicles

Pigments on vehicles

Using Enamel Washes on vehicles

Laser Cutting for small detail parts

3d Modelling and production

I want to get more troopers made and painted, so that means the old favourites of sculpting and modelling will also feature heavily.

If you are a previous watcher of this thread, welcome back. If your new, then spend the three hours it takes and read the previous hundreds of posts to catch up!

If you have any questions your welcome to ask :)

There should be more images and discussion of some of the above techniques later today and over the weekend.

One Response to “Back from the Ash Wastes …”

  1. Steve says:

    Great to see an update, sorry to hear about your health problems. I see very little difference between the two models, you’re recent work is astounding too!! Keep it up!