Macharius Salvation - Sponsons


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Just a quick update on the Macharius Salvation.

I started work on the Green stuff filled turret. Here you can see midway through and almost finished.

As you can see some minor damage was done while removing the greenstuff. Given the force required to remove hardened Green stuff its lucky in many ways it was not worse.

I will be tidying the gouges and nicks in the resin using Pro-Create for no good technical reason other than it is grey coloured and matches the model.

In addition I made a new cylinder style turret out of plasticard tubing. The size of the original turret is 10mm in diameter so I used a 10mm plasticard tube cut to the correct length for the sponson.

The original turret had an oval recess cut into it to allow the Heavy Bolter to be fitted. To get the same look I tested using the next smaller diameter plasticard tube inside, it was a nice tight fit and would form the “base” of the cut out. I then removed the smaller tube .. and proceeded to carefully drill out the oval using larger and larger diameter drills from 1mm - 5mm. Once I had the circular ends correct, I merely used a scalpel to remove the section between them.

Once this had been done I started to glue smaller and smaller diameter tubing inside to “fill” the cylinder. You can see this in the photo above, and the variant sizes of plasticard tubing I used for the task. I was pleased with the result, which looked very similar to the original resin piece.

My next task will be to fill the small gaps in the end of the cylinder with green stuff and file them smooth. I am not quite decided yet whether to magnetise the weapons, however given my previous track record it is likely.

Tonight I will be starting the turret clean-up, I have taken pictures “before” starting and will take some pictures “after” for comparison as I work.