Macharius Salvation - Turret


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Busy weekend … got quite a lot done on the Macharius Salvation sub-project.

To start with I repaired the storage bins at the back of the turret. The original strip around the bottom was damaged so I removed it, I tidied up the damaged three supports by removing them and generally sanded down the damage areas to a clean surface. I then measured the remaining supports and reproduced three them using plasticard.

It is important to note that these models were mainly constructed out of plasticard to begin with, therefore reproducing them should just be a matter of measuring the thickness of card used and then cutting to the appropriate size. Below you can see me starting to glue into place the replacement supports, I tend to use self locking tweezers for the job. They hold the item so all I need to do is place the item (with the glue of course). I tend to find normal tweezers where I need to apply pressure to hold the item start to shake slightly at precisely the wrong moment.

Also you can see the finished supports in place, this other half of the image shows the damage to the “edge” of the box we will cover with plasticard “angle” strip. In addition you should be able to see two damaged brackets on the large face, the hidden face also has a damaged bracket.

We skip forward in time for about three hours and can see the final results of our work. The points of interest are labelled: -

A - A tarpaulin was added from the normal Tank upgrade sprue, I decided to do this as it adds some extra detail to the model, making it seem more life like/used, it also conveniently hid the damaged surface nicely. Sometimes there IS an easy way out! One small point of added detail in the magnified section was the removal of the “solid” part under the curl of the fabric. The plastic moulding process demands that no overhangs / obstructions can occur, therefore they “fill” these little areas with plastic. By removing the plastic carefully with a scalpel / hobby knife we can increase our level of realistic detail, these things are hard to see, sometimes almost imperceptible but they can make a difference.

B - The banding on the lower edge of the storage bin was replaced and extra rivets added. Note the triangular arrangement of the rivets at the corners, I decided to use this arrangement as it was the standard used on other parts of the tank. Often when repairing or modifying a vehicle it is important to achieve a sympathetic or similar style to “fit” in and not look out of place, something that ruins a lot of excellent work done by beginners without them realising it.

C - The struts we covered above, however please not they appear very slightly thicker than the originals. This is almost always caused by shrinkage at the moulding stage, if a master model is not kept and used for the mould, then often first run duplicates are. These duplicates are themselves slightly smaller, when they are used for making a replacement for an old / work out mould the size once again decreases. If you do mould your own work at any time, always remember to keep the original and try not to destroy it in the moulding process, I keep boxes of my originals safely stored away incase I get mould failure.

Tracks are often a pain on resin vehicles and as I am sure you remember from the early photos we had an almost completely missing track at the back. I needed to replace this track with something, so I set about making a new one from plasticard as you can see below. Once again measuring a normal track piece gave me all the dimensions I required and about an hour later I had the replacement made as you can see. A cut up chimera (more on that sub-project later) supplied the rivets and all the rest came from my store of plasticard. If you plan to do any serious modelling with tanks / vehicles, I can only suggest you invest in a broad selection of plasticard strip, tube, sheet etc from Evergreen and/or Plastruct, you will NOT regret it.

I was pleased with the replacement track and have not put it into place yet as I might actually mould it, still have not decided yet.

Luckily the end of the damaged track was used to replace one that had been sheared away at the front of the tank, waste not!  It still needs a little filing, to smooth the procreate used to join / support it, but I wanted to get this post done at the end of the weekend and not waste time filing till tomorrow.

Trying to keep the same “turret” theme I planned for the Leman Russ turrets, I took the cut up turret from the demolisher and carefully cut away the filtration systems from the side and top. These two pieces were then added to pretty much the only clear space on the Macharius turret. The first picture shows the side mounted component already stuck into place and you cannot see underneath it where it has two plasticard struts for support.

I then ran / shaped two small ribbed cables (from Dragonforge) from the side mounted component, up and over onto the nearest clear space on the top. Support brackets / ties made from plasticard were added with bolts for realism / detail and I must remember to get some photo-etch brass strip which would have been much easier.

Finally I added the top mounted component for the filtration and drilled it to receive the ends of the two ribbed cables. Once glued into place (both cables and component) I proceeded to use procreate to create “covers” for where the cables joined the components.  Once again I used procreate not because of preference over green stuff, but because it was already grey in colour and I preferred that.

Lastly we move onto the finished sponson with heavy bolter.

Here we can see the cuts and nicks of the sponson on the left hand side, have been repaired with procreate, which I also used to fill the gap between sponson and vehicle. When the not cylindrical turret is added the finished result finally comes together nicely, overall a lot of work, but it makes such a difference compared to our original greenstuff packed version.

With the turret finished and the sponson .. we are focused on the tracks and the leading edge of the Macharius. The LRIWS sub-project is on hold at the moment as we await the delivery from forgeworld (currently marked as dispatched on friday, thanks FW).

I am anticipating another 5 hours work to finish the modelling phase of the Macharius Salvation, then she gets put aside for a while as we move onto the Airbrush and Oil Wash work. I want to practice on a dead old Leman Russ to get the finish I want right before committing it onto the Macharius, as with all things it is better to practice on something you don’t care about first before ruining hours of work on a great model.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be working up at the British Museum in London. I am hoping to get enough time to finish the Macharius though :)

@ Inquisitor NicolePyykkonen : I hope my work is inspirational, I try and make my thought process clear and give the detail required for others to follow it.  I definitely hope I it is NOT humiliating, we all have different degree’s of experience and as you said I hope you can and will learn from wherever you can :)

@ Max_Dammit : They are still running in Mexico, but I cannot seem to find a supplier!

@ StrayCatt : I tend to find I can get a reasonable edge onto procreate and it will sand ok. I used to use milliput but stopped as I found I didn’t like the texture / way it was worked (most probably a personal thing I suspect), I should get some and give it another try.

@ Orkdung : Lets hope I can get a good chunk of it done :)

@ Isiah : Its just practice … I am confident you could easily reproduce it with time!

@ DasPanzerIstUber : You do not know home many times this project has made me feel depressed / not good enough. Enjoy the Cadians, they are cool looking and have tons of good addons from Forgeworld!.