Forgeworld Haul!


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My original plan had been to make more repairs and modifications to the Macharius Salvation sub-project. However I had some Forgeworld stuff and a surprise in the post today which demanded a small post.

Firstly here is a picture of the forgeworld haul …

Two Ryza turrets and a Leman Russ Mars Alpha pattern hull including trench rails.

I have long been a fan of the look of the Mars Alpha pattern hull, for its extra detail and length. You can see below the difference between a normal GW Plastic hull and the Forgeworld one … its a Beast :)

When you add in the nicely detailed hull mounted front weapons … you get a good looking model! … note however no Heavy flamer .. guess who is going to have to make that!

With the Mars Alpha were the remaining weapons I needed to complete the set for the LRIWS sub-project. The normal looking Battle Cannon and a replacement Conqueror pattern (its actually an alternate battle cannon, but it looks really like a conqueror to me!). In addition I got a couple more turrets for my collection.

Also in the post was something I had been interested in from the states.

I had been wanting to add some panniers to my various vehicles so this tempted me also. I had seen some models with them on and thought I would give them a try!

Lastly and definitely not least … There is one single Steel Legion figure I did not have in my collection. The ultra rare Necromunda Sniper … who actually was a Steel Legion trooper kneeling. This figure is really rare and out of production, I have been scouring ebay for four years looking for him, when one came up in America a couple of weeks ago. I bid sniped like crazy to get him and I am ashamed to say paid what felt like a small fortune for a single figure (whoever sold him will be happy I am sure). But he is MINE NOW!!

There are few alternate heads/faces/alternate poses in the Steel Legion, I had them all but this one … Now I am very happy :)

I also got something else in the post … this one from the far east … but that bit will have to wait till I start that sub-project … next week I suspect!