Macharius final stretch.


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We are on the final run to finishing the Macharius Salvation repair, just some filling and surface work to do.

First up we take a look at the exhausts on the back of the Macharius ..

As you can see not a good fit at all, not to mention irregularly cut. I considered using a hair dryer to bend the pipes for a better fit, but was worried the curve would end up looking wrong/compressed if I did.

I decided finally to use procreate to rebuild the point of contact for the pipe as you can see below at point C. Only one done so far, but the other one is scheduled for tonight, on an interesting note often with green stuff / procreate it is better to let things which are near to another harden and dry first in case of accidental damage on finished work when working on the second item.

As you can see above at point A the track replacement is in place, I had to fill an enormous bubble hole in the resin below and let it harden. One fitted I added 1.5mm plastic rod to make the track joint, now it is all dry I have to fill the small gaps between the track and the white rod to make it accurate.

Point B. shows more filling for the cracked corners. Because of the size of this hole I had to create an initial filling, recessed from the surface slightly in all directions, which will harden and act as a base for the final smooth coat.

As you can see the rear of the vehicle rapidly approaches completion, I for one will be glad when the “filling” is complete.

Moving to the front we can address the front “joint” for want of a better description. The joint/fit was terrible as you can below, this one was/is hard to hide.

You can see in the bottom of the picture, the gap that needed concealing. First I tried to remove the bar to tidy it all up, that was not going to happen, it was well and truly glued into place. None of the support struts on the bar even touched the tank at any point either. I finally decided to employ a physical trompe l’oeil technique to fool the observer, using a square strip of plasticard to create a much straighter line which the eye would latch onto instead of the irregular drifting line it concealed, basically misdirection. It would not be perfect, there was just too much movement, however it would look better than the previous joint. Once the plasticard was in place I filled in behind the struts (see point A) so they all looked like they joined on to the hull correctly, I then subtly used a scalpel to make them all look roughly the same depth by re-cutting the front on the protrusive ones (once again a depth illusion). All that remains is some minor filling work around the new strip to finalise.

Now we move back towards the middle.

I replaced the damage hatch and tidied up some at point A, there was lots of spilled super glue. The edge of the viewport at point B was damaged and chipped off, so I cut it back a little to clean up and then sculpted it back using procreate. Finally there was a long edge where the cover for the stubbers didn’t meet the hull which I filled and smoothed. There is a small amount of filling to do, but not much :)

To give you a more cohesive view here is the current work in progress shot, it almost looks finished :)

Notice how the plasticard strip at the front makes the straight line illusion work!

I am pleased with the way its looking now, but I am want to get it off my desk to make way for the next sub project!

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