For some time I have had an interest in the wars for Armageddon, ranging from the initial chaos invasion, all the way through to the third war where the Orks were brought to a standstill with the blood of Imperial martyrs. Almost subconsciously my army choices have reflect this interest, I have collected and cherished my Salamander Marines, the Sisters of the Order of the Martyred Lady, my recent Steel Legion troopers and my dream of an Adeptus Mechanicus army from the nearby Forgeworld of Voss. I wish to create rules to unite all these armies into a true Army of the Imperium, and field that force in games such as Battle Fleet Gothic, Epic Armageddon, Aeronautica Imperials and of course Warhammer 40k, all based around the defense of Armageddon.

Recently I, like many of us, have been collecting and working on an Imperial Guard army, the Steel Legion. As you know I have been maintaining a log of my work on this site and others. Amazingly, over time I have amassed a lot of of posts detailing this work, and realised that this work, with my passionate interest for the Armageddon conflicts, could form the basis for a website. I discussed this with a number of friends who all also had interests in the Wars for Armageddon, slowly an idea of a site detailing the History, Modelling, Painting and Gaming of the Armageddon wars grew into being.

There had been an intense amount of information concerning Armageddon on the old Armageddon 3 website, this had been lost when the website had been shut, some of it had scattered to other websites but there was is no central resource for the Armageddon conflicts. With the help of some friends and hopefully invited guests, we hope to build a repository for this historical and gaming information. Somewhat in the style of the Bell of lost souls campaign packs we also hope to add detail to some of the smaller parts of the conflict across a range of systems from 40k through to Aeronautica Imperialis.

The painting and modelling articles will be a continuation of my work on the Steel Legion, with additional material from my armies mentioned above, as well as those of my friends who are building the site with me. While on the subject of friends, an introduction is in order, first off is Ragnar, a friend of many years standing who will be bringing his Space Marines, the “Praetoris Aeneas”, Strikeforce Alpha 492 and the Phantine XXIII to the closing days of the 3rd war. Secondly is one of my Co-Admins from the Bolter & Chainsword SCC, who will be working on the “Exorcists” chapter, the Dieprian 756th, and the 609th Fighter Wing. We hope to get some assistance from various guests and also to add a few more permanent members of staff over time, including Ork Players, if you have some interesting modelling, painting, stories or gaming ideas please contact me and possibly we can showcase your work on the site.

The initial modelling content at the moment discusses, sculpting, painting, resin casting, magnets, photo etching and plasticard work, I am sure there will be something there to interest you and the first tutorial will be ready shortly showing how to make “extra” armour using plasticard. These tutorials will have video content demonstrating the modelling techniques used, and will form a growing library of reference material for modellers.

Anyway enough chit-chat, take a look at the site, leave comments, participate if you have some ideas and most of all enjoy yourself in the Battle for Armageddon