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A Brief History of the 609th Fighter Wing

Eve of Invasion


One of the things we’re trying to do here on the BfA blog is combine modelling, painting, gaming and history. To that end I’ve begun to catalogue the history of the 609th Fighter Wing and hope to eventually produce a potted history in PDF form of the unit, it’s aircraft, notable figures, prominent battles and so forth. If you’ve ever seen the Osprey series of military history books you’ll have an idea of what I’m trying to do, just think Aviation Elite lite and that’s the aim. So, to begin with I’m creating a framework to hang this history on and I thought I’d do it graphically just to make it a little different and hopefully a little more interesting.

Brother Argos worked wonders in moments to come up with the silhouettes, I think they look pretty snazzy and the aquila background is the work of Madscuzzy from the Bolter & Chainsword forum, thanks guys!.

Below is the FOC for the 609th at the beginning of the Third Armageddon War along with some notes you might find interesting on famous (and infamous) members of the Wing.

(Please click for a larger, more legible version of the FOC)

For those wondering what the Thunderbolt (R) is, it’s an unofficial variant I was thinking of making, it’s simply a Thunderbolt with the weapons removed and a series of recon pods in their place, these pods would also be replaceable with ECM and ECCM pods to allow the (R) to accompany its brethren on strike missions and provide electronic jamming support.





A long, wet hiss emerged from the cargo door as it slowly lowered itself. A final susurration escaped the mechanism as the ramp settled on the dusty plascrete of a landing pad just outside Averneas Forge, Hades Sector, Armageddon. Men blinked and raised their hands to shield their eyes from the bright sun yet they moved swiftly off the transport barges, forming up into four neat formations without a word of command. Within a handful of minutes more than 4000 men stood on the plascrete of the makeshift space port, sweating slightly and talking quietly amongst themselves. A single barked word silenced the chatter and straightened backs across the landing pad.

An Aquila lander screamed out of the sky, it’s engines howling as the pilot engaged reverse thrust. The men on the landing pad ignored the craft, their eyes locked forward even as the lander’s escorting Thunderbolts waggled their wings and peeled off. A thud, the scrape of metal on plascrete and the little shuttle settled into place directly in front of the silent soldiers. Unlike the barges its cargo door was lowered quickly and quietly to the ground. Like the transport barges though the figures aboard alighted swiftly, the first four each moving to stand at the head of a formation. The last three men left the shuttle moments later, one, a commissar, donned the peaked cap of his position to shade his eyes. The other, his epaulettes bearing the sunburst and crossed swords insignia of a colonel, simply narrowed his eyes against the bright light and nodded to the final figure.

The unmistakeable lungs of a regimental sergeant major projected his words across the slowly baking landing pad.

‘The Regiment will prepare to advance!’

Men adjusted burdens and checked their rifle slings as they prepared for the order.

‘The Regiment will advance at the quick march, march!’

The formation moved off in unison, each man in lock step with the man in front, behind and beside him. The measured tromp of boots echoed around the makeshift space port and slowly faded away as the soldiers marched towards the unceasing sounds of battle that had become Armageddon’s own private soundtrack.

The 756th Dieprian Regiment had arrived on Armageddon and it marched to war…


Unit Designation: 756th Dieprian Regiment

Homeworld: Diepr III

Nickname: Mountain Men

The Dieprian Regiments have served the Imperium faithfully for more than four millennia. Drawn from the planet Diepr III, the Mountain Men as they are known are acknowledged sector wide as the finest mountain troops in Imperial service. Diepr III itself was granted to the Mordian 347th Regiment following their contribution to the Hallett Crusade led by Warmaster Carrack at the end of the 36th Millennium. The Dieprians share many of the same qualities as their Mordian forebears including the iron discipline and unwavering faith in the Emperor their cousins are still famed for.

However the harsh Dieprian climate has molded the Dieprian into a force quite unlike the Mordian Regiments. A world of ice, black snow and almost eternal winter means the Dieprans have become adept at warfare amongst the highest of peaks and in the coldest of conditions. Sent to Armageddon to assist in the retaking of the Diabolus Mountains the 756th has been re-routed to the Ash Wastes where reinforcements are desperately needed to fight off a massive Ork offensive.


Not only have reinforcements arrived for the beleagured defenders of Armageddon, this blog too has received additional forces in the shape of me - SCC. Brother Argos invited me to join him as a guest blogger here at Battle for Armageddon and I was only too happy to do so given the excellent work he’s done so far, let’s hope I can keep up with him.

For those who don’t know me I’m one of Argos’ Administrators over at the B&C, I run the Librarium over┬áthere and I’m also famed for painting very slowly leading to a complete inability to complete modelling projects. With that in mind I’ll be simultaneously running three small Armageddon projects for this blog, hopefully the variety and small size will help me get everything finished for a change ;)

The first project as you’d imagine is the Mountain Men, the other two will reveal themselves shortly. ┬áThe name itself is drawn from Codex: Imperial Guard 3rd Edition (p.28) whilst the inspiration for much of their look, ethos and equipment will be drawn from alpine troops across the world from the US 10th Mountain Division to Austrian Gebirgsjager to Finnish and Italian alpine troops.

The models themselves will be a mix of Cadian and Elysian components, as alpine troops they need to move quickly and lightly so they’ll lose some of the typical Cadian armour and use the short, lighter Elysian style weapons. The figure below is the first attempt to put together a Dieprian trooper:

and a reverse view:

Key features are the Accatran (Elysian) pattern lasgun, the ropes and backpack, the bergmutze style cap, pocket free trousers and the puttee’d boots. I’ve also kitted him out with the Elysian fighting knife, I think it’s much nicer than the standard plastic one.

Key issues are that the cap isn’t quite right, I think it needs to be more squashed or maybe just less rounded. Plus it needs to be much smoother, I can never get my GS work smooth enough for some reason. The Elysian lasguns are also going to be an issue, the bullpup style weapons just don’t fit neatly into the existing plastic arms.

I also need to take another look at how the puttees (the ankle wraps) are done. At the moment I trim the armoured gaiters of the Cadian legs and then scribe ‘bandages’ into them, but the don’t give the proper wrapped look, they look like bands of cloth instead. Maybe I need some super thin plasticard to actually wrap around their ankles.

Then there’s also the issue of the Elysian arm being smaller than the standard plastic one, so that’ll need bulking up and the fact that I’ve clearly been working with Marines too long because the shoulder of the plastic army is going to look a little odd even when I’ve GS’d that big gap in. The final issue of course is the colour scheme for these guys, they’d typically operate in snow I guess, so light greys might be suitable but light grey can be a swine to paint, so maybe something darker. Or maybe camo? I’ll have to give it some thought…

So, the 756th has arrived and is getting ready to kick some Ork backside, quite what these cold-weather killers will make of the arid wastes of Armageddon no one knows, but I guess we’re about to find out…