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Some progress on Venator Faisal, my first Hunter of Sirius:

Basecoat all over, a quick Badab Black wash and some highlights everywhere except the left arm which is basecoated only.

The P3 paints are proving a little awkward to work with, or perhaps just different to my usual GW/Vallejo paints. They go on smoothly, consistently and with reasonable, if not great, coverage, all perfectly acceptable until at some magic instant the dreaded chalkiness appears mid stroke.

I’m thinning the paints with my usual retarder/flow aid/acrylic medium mix and it works fine fresh from the pallette but I have to work very quickly and wash the brush out much more often compared to other paint brands to avoid chalkiness. As you can probably see from the mini that’s making Faisal here look a little low rent and making highlighting my usual way (lots and lots of slightly lighter layers covering progressively smaller areas) a little tricky to pull off with consistency.

Still, I like the colour scheme, the grey-green and bone works nicely and the leather is OK, a little rich maybe, I’ll try to leach a little life from it with some washing and shading I think. Altogether I think it’s quite a suitable scheme for the Astartes.

But the real question is what colour the sword should be, I like the red pistol, I’m keeping that but I based the front of the sword purple on a whim and I’m not so sure it works. I had planned to try out the old ‘lightning’ effect on the purple to indicate the power-swordiness of it but the alternative might be a deeper, richer and glossier purple to try and achieve a crystalline effect.

Some progress on the Exorcist:

Just the details left, plasma coils, a final highlight for the jump pack and the details on there (purity seals etc.) also need doing. The servo-skull also needs a highlight or two.

OK, so it won’t win a Golden Daemon, even here in Australia, ┬ábut I think it’ll end up a few steps above table top and I’ve learnt from painting it so I’ll finish it, take some decent photos and move on…

To this guy:

Not much to see, a couple of licks of Privateer P3 Bastion Grey and a slathering of Badab Black wash and that’s it so far. Doesn’t seem anywhere near as brown as the hex code I found for P3 Bastion Grey does on the Space Marine Painter image in the previous blog…

I am, justifiably, well known on the B&C for a complete inability to complete a painting/modelling project. And so it proves once more, I can’t face the red/black of the Exorcists, I like the scheme, I’ve almost finished the first model but I’ve no real stomach for more.

I’ve also tried the Marines Malevolent but yellow/black is no better than red/black. So the search begins for a good looking, simple to paint scheme for Space Marines. At the same time I don’t want to do anything too common and I’d like to link it to Armageddon of course.

Which brings me to the Hunters of Sirius. I’ve decided to break from my own traditions of only painting official GW Chapters and to try and create a Chapter of my own from scratch. Here’s the first draft of the colour scheme, an assault Marine ‘cos that’s what I’ve got undercoated and ready to go.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and in mythology was the canine companion of the hunter Orion. On top of all that it’s a nice word to say out loud. Give it a go, it’s wonderfully sibilant and lends itself to drawn out, whispered utterings.

For the story behind the Chapter I’m thinking that the following will characterise the Chapter:

  • The Chapter are renowned Ork hunters, they specialise in eradicating Ork infestations from Imperial worlds
  • Given eradication takes years, decades or even centuries the Chapter essentially sets up home on the planet its cleansing (recruiting, armour/weapons/ammo production etc.) and moves on when a planet is cleansed
  • The Chapter always, no exceptions, deploys 100% of its strength to a planet for cleansing
  • The Chapter is fresh from the Scouring of Wyngarden, a 30 year long struggle to cleanse Orks from a swamp planet, it’s strength is approximately 700 and rising as it recovers from the carnage of the recent cleansing, always the hardest
  • The Astartes of the Hunters of Sirius swear to cleanse a planet or die, the Chapter command realises that in the case of Armageddon it is a case of ‘them or us’ such as they’ve never faced before especially as they have yet to receive recruiting permission from Armageddon Command

Look for the first WIP pics of the first Hunter soon…