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While we are on the subject of laser etching I thought people might like to see some previous work I had done: -

Actually this and the previous post gives me the idea for a new article about laser etching technology.

Expect more in the future!

Interesting day today, after the launch of Battle For Armageddon yesterday. I have scripted my first Video tutorial for the site, and have decided on the Hd recorder to use, the Toshiba Camileo H20, which at about £160 was a reasonable purchase and should cover my needs. I have worked out a way to shoot the Video as though seeing the work in progress from my viewpoint, but need to experiment to make sure it will work. It all promises to be quite exciting and will make it possible to clearly demonstrate things such as green stuff sculpting clearly. Delivery from Amazon is expected tomorrow.

In addition, as it was the end of the financial year and the company had done well, despite a very poor start, I decided to treat myself to a large FW purchase. More to be revealed when the delivery arrives ;)

Last night I gritted my teeth, and got every set of unique Cadian / Catachan legs I possesed out of the boxes. Overall I had 9 pairs of legs that were unique (plus the two pair I have already sculpted), but I am missing the running Catachan legs, and the standing to attention Cadian legs (metal only).

The problem I have with the legs is that they are hard sculpting work, but with all these done I will have more variants than any IG range. This is really the first point in the project where I have faced doing something I find annoying / difficult, so its a real test of determination for me. Last night I cut off the pockets on the trousers, removed the lower part of the cadian jacket where needed, and filed them down with a medium file. The reason for the medium file is to give the Green stuff something to key onto when I apply it to the legs.

Obviously I am biting off a little too much at the moment generally, as I took progress pictures to show the legs this morning, automatically uploaded them to my PC using my EyeFi card on my camera, and then completely forgot to shunt them to web server to work on them :(  However I will add them this evening when I get home.  I am hoping to do  some basic “filling” with green stuff on them during lunch (my staff are getting used to seeing me in an Optivisor at lunch now).

Oh and tomorrow I might show you a neat trick with “Broken Glass” ;)


Added later: -

It was a good lunch hour with basic filling done on 5 pairs of legs, the other four hopefully can be done tonight sometime, although I will be having a nice meal out with Mrs Argos, while a childminder looks after our daughters.

I will try and get some pictures showing the basic process I use for the filling, its almost like making a nappy out of green stuff and quite weird looking at first. I took this with my iPhone, please excuse the quality, I felt as though I needed to show some progress after forgetting to upload last nights images :(

I have just finished the final sculpting push before reproduction, I thought you might like to see some of the results. I have one pair of legs, a female torso, two heads, seven arms, and numerous things like bedrolls, knives, canteens etc.

Here are the running legs, which to be honest seem to have taken forever, I kept on finding small things to change that I was unhappy with: -

The changes from the initial cadian legs were to cut off the original jacket bottom, resculpt a new jacket bottom to match the steel legion length, cut away the boot section, resulpt the boots, add zippers up the back of the boots, add ankles, add skulls on the top of the boots at the front, build the back heel of boot into the sole, and in one case build a complete new heel from plasticard.

The next significant addition to me “Steel Legion Sprue”, is the female torso: -

The changes from the initial cadian tanker torso were to cut off the original legs and tank hatch, adjust the collar so it meets in the middle and add tidy up with greenstuff, make the female aspects of the chest, add the webbing to the chest area, add an eagle as a belt buckle, cut grooves out at the locations where the webbing was going on the back, place the plasticard webbing into the grooved shirt, and finally add plasticard triangles where the webbing meets the belt. Look at the magnified model, I think I will tidy the lower crease on the front of the shirt, it looks rougher than I like when magnified.

Next is the officers head: -

I shaved the head, removed the ears / ear cover, smoothed the head, altered the chin, altered the nose, rebuilt the ears, and added hair and an eye patch.

I think this is my favourite piece so far, I am really pleased with the way the gas mask head looks: -

The head is from the tank sprue, I cut off the ear coverings, shaved down the items attached at the back of the neck and side. The I extended the gas mask straps to the back from the sides, added a brass etch ring to attach the straps onto, ran the straps up to the center of the head, and finally rebuilt the ears. I am really looking forward to painting this head, with stubble!

Finally for the sculpting are most of the arms: -

As you can see all the arms have had gloves in the steel legion style added, the cadian shoulderpads removed, and on appropriate arms the steel legion lighting in a circle emblem has been added. The white plasticard was cut using my new Micro Hole Punch (for those wanting to know where to order from - ) and made the horrible task of sculpting perfect circles redundant.

With all of the above now complete, I will begin reproducing them, this will give me two pair of legs, two torsos, 4 heads, 11 arms, 2 Las-Carbines and numerous small items. I can finally start making some more of my first squad, with some of the variance I originally started the project to achieve. I have discovered legs to be really annoying to do, arms easy to do, and heads fun to do. Sadly the one thing I need more than anything else now is legs.

Its taken me a long while to get this far, but I hope it has been interesting so far. The work continues …

Brass rivets.



It was a quiet night last night, only got a couple of things done involving the Earthshaker cannon. I was tidying up the Earthshaker barrel and the breech, it was the second time I had worked on this the first being a rough fill which I had allowed to harden and act as a base for this second layer: -

I am unhappy with the breech mechanism in look / style and have considered creating some form of interrupted screw to make a more realistic breech. I will have to see how time goes as its low down on my priorities and would take a fair amount of effort. More information can be found ( Here ).

Just to clarify, I was using some nicely made Brass etch hex bolt heads on the gunshield, they were from Mig Productions and are very finely detailed, however a little thin in my opinion. for those that thought I had got my own Brass Etch stuff going, I am sad to say I still haven’t received my Etching system yet, although I have plenty of things to try out when it does, I will keep you informed!

Here is a picture of the Mig Productions Brass Etch, both round and hex, notably without connectors which is much easier : -

Placing them can be a bother however, I tend to extract one on the tip of my scalpel and place it about 2-3 mm from the place I wish to glue it to. I then dip the tip of a Dental pick shown here (the sharp pointy one): -

Into one of my home made glue trays, I made these years ago, so I could add a droplet of glue into one and keep dipping in and out of it while still active. The left hand “dip” is for superglue, the right hand one for polystyrene cement: -

I then transfer the small droplet of glue to the desired location on the model, and then using my scalpel slide the brass etch nut into it and press down slightly. Finally I use a lint free cloth to quickly dab away any excess superglue.

I am looking forward to the weekend, and hope to get some more painting done (unusual for me).