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Despite having the mighty Adeptus Astartes of the Praetoris Aeneas the Ordo Xenos knew that their particular mission on Armageddon would require a lot more firepower, the Space Marines would be doing what they do best - rapid insertion assault - whilst Imperial forces moved into position to complete the objectives.

Operating under special orders Interogators found a squadron which had seen extensive combat on Armageddon already, the Phantine XXIII, to be used as rapid deployment air support. Due to heavy casualties in a series of missions, where Adeptus Ministorum adepts had determined the risks as within acceptable loss parameters, the squadron was practically decimated and ready to be absorbed into the XXVIII. 

However edict from the Ordo Xenos meant they had a different role to play.

Designated purely Primarus and Secundus the Praetoris Aeneas gunships would be used as rapid deployment craft and extreme close support vehicles, and the sole responsibility of Epsilon Squadron to defend from both ork aircraft and long range bombardment.

In order to provide such cover the heavier Thunderbolt class Imperial fighters of the 492nd wing are tasked with close support duty. Whilst a number of pilots had been recovered after ejection the number of fighters available was greatly diminished and as such Lt Raffkin led a single formation which rotated in pilots when needed tostave off exhaustion.

Even with the squadron reduced below typically operational size the basic support crews and facilities needed to keep it running and operational for the Alpha-492 operation was still substantial. In order to fend off the inevitable marauding Ork bands the remaining Lightning craft were designated as 297th wing CAV for the duration of the mission.

The final component of the XXIII for the Alpha-492 mission were the 519th Marauder Destroyer wing. In order to ensure the Praetoris Aeneas could be most effective in their rapid strikes Lt Carlsen was tasked with attacking massed Ork hordes in areas near the planned operational zone. Along with Imperial Guard they were trying to inflict maximum casualties and run interference, generally harassing the greenskin leaders a great deal, to draw the savage beasts away from the true objective.

This is my planned 17 plane Aeronautica Imperialis force which I will be putting together over the coming weeks (or knowing me, months). I was heavily inspired by Double Eagle some time ago and so quite simply had to have a Phantine unit!

In planning how I intend on producing the Strikeforce Alpha 492 of my Praetoris Aeneas I have come up with all sorts of ideas, including plenty mad ideas!

I really want them to have a pretty unique character, much as Argos is going for with his beautifully modelled troopers and tanks, so I suspect there will be lots of conversion … even on my tactical marines, let alone the sergeants and other command staff. The main thing I plan to do is have them walking, weapons holstered or clipped, as if they aren’t concerned by anything going on around them. Much as the astartes are capable of being truly frightening in battle, on the tabletop I want the flaw in the character of the Praetoris Aeneas chapter to come through in their haughty attitude to the war around them. They are the masters of battle, their mere presence is threat enough.

For the makeup of this strikeforce I figure that I’ll take a command squad with two tactical squads (and yes, force organisation chart ahoy!) then a devastator squad to follow. Gives me around 35-40 models to do plus transports. As a centre piece I thought that the command squad would look really solid, but to really beef it up what could I do to make it stand out? The Damocles command rhino upgrade with dozer blade and extra armour of course!

However of course with SSC pulling out the Thunderbolt for AI and me finding the 40k scale version in my hobby area I found myself going back to Double Eagle and my desire to do a fighter wing. So in a moment of impulse I have ordered some AI fighters, thus is born the Phantine XXIII! Brought in by my as yet to be named inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos to help the strikeforce complete their mission. Obviously I’ll need a couple of thunderhawk transports and thunderhawk gunship …

Doesn’t stop there though, in my fervour to reproduce them in both 40k and AI this led on to me doing some Epic work as well. Plink, out come the as yet unbuilt and unpainted marines and small imperial guard detachment for that scale. Hmm, how will they get to the theatre of war that is Armageddon? Battlefleet of course! Oh! I have a Grey Knights strike cruiser I could convert to be more suitable for the PA, and a few imperial ships to let me make a small battlegroup.


Wait, thats a lot of work for me isn’t it? Guess I best get started then. More to come soon!

If it was in his power the Ork would pay, and not just any Ork but the infamous Ghazghkull. However he knew it was highly unlikely that he would even see the greenskin warlord in the flesh, or even at range. Not that it changed anything though, his brothers were being sent on this foolhardy mission to the accursed world of Armageddon just to appease the Inquisition so that the chapter could truly fulfil their duties back in their sub sector.

The Inquisition. Why was it they felt the need to constantly put their nose into everything, making demands no less, of the Emperor’s finest warriors the Adeptus Astartes? It was quite simply unfathomable to him, for millenia now the Praetoris Aeneas had stood guardian over their worlds, cleansing taint and facing off the despicable traitor legions time and again. Their faith tested in the fires of war and paid for in blood was proof enough surely?

“They are a necessary evil brother Captain,” he had been told as the chapter council briefed him on the mission. “We must be seen to acquiese to their … requests, from time to time so that we might continue our holy duties to the men and women of this sub sector.” What they hadn’t properly explained was why he, Captain of the third company and decorated warrior, was being forced to leave with such a small contingent of brothers to this Emperor forsaken world.

I have always wanted, like thousands of other wargamers out there, to create my own little galaxy. The idea of inventing whole cultures, worlds, factions and histories appeals to me on an almost instinctual level.  In fact I have over the years probably played every world crafting sim out there, my first real taste of it coming in the form of Megalomaniacs on the Amiga 500 about two decades ago!

Of course it is no surprise that creating my own chapter of the vaunted Astartes features in my plans! Over the years I have tried a couple of different approaches, I even have effectively a scout company somewhere in my collection, but about two years ago I struck on the germ of a concept that has grown since and continues to now. The new Ultramarines veteran models and going further back Grey Knights really struck me as that truly baroque and gothic look that I like in a marine, the over ostentatious armour and appearance is what I like rather than the default plain design. Then throwing in the various stories from the Black Library about the Doom Eagles  and a variety of other chapters, where the marines weren’t as two dimensional as many think, showing the Astartes being inhuman and yet human truly created a rich tapestry of intrigue.

All of this in the melting pot of ideas that is my mind produced the Praetoris Aeneas, an Ultramarines successor chapter who strive to protect the worlds of their home world’s sub-sector in a homage to their fathering legion and Primarch’s efforts in Ultramar. They consider themselves to be the constantly striving for the Astartes idealist perfection and some of their number are held up as exemplar. However having been invaded and beseiged by the forces of chaos or vile xenos over the centuries has bred into them a deep set unwillingness to abandon their protectorate. This of course has made the Inquisition jealous as requests for aid in neighbouring sectors have been flatly refused by the Praetoris, even if couched in a very politically contrived manner.

This is about as far as I have come with the background though, no names, a rough idea of chapter symbol and a colour scheme but thats it. Which leads me on to Strikeforce Alpha-942 (A942 denotes the first letter of the destination and year the order was placed), a small detachment of the Praetoris which are sent to Armageddon by the chapter’s council. Outwardly the force are being sent to help combat the near constant threats to Armageddon on the request of an Inquisitor from the Ordo Xenos and due to the third company having several brothers who have had active service in the Deathwatch they make the bulk of the force. However the captain of the third company suspects he may have been sent for another reason …